Alanya O-Festival 2020 will take place in Alanya region. The beautiful forests will be hosting the middle distance and long-distance competitions. The sprint competitions will take place around Alanya castle and city center where route choices will challenge your ability to make rapid decisions.


Organizers EON TOURS & NEO DSK
Event Director Yaşar İsmet DEMİRÖZ
Event Coordinator Ramazan BOSTANCI
IT & Technical Director Mert GÜNAL, Mehmet Emin AVCIL
Mappers Georgi HADZHIMITEV, Abdulkadir KÖSEOĞLU


Date Event Event Center to Arena
24.10.2020 Arrival and Registrations – Event Center -
25.10.2020 Arrival and Registrations – Event Center -
26.10.2020 - 10:00 Stage 1 Middle Distance – Aromatik Cennet Vadisi 35km / 40min
27.10.2020 - 10:00 Stage 2 Long Distance – Gedevet 40km / 1h10min
28.10.2020 - 10:00 Stage 3 Middle Distance – Aromatik Cennet Vadisi 30km / 40min
28.10.2020 - Mass Start at 19:00 Night O – Alanya Market Place 2km / 10min
29.10.2020 Rest Day – Optional Excursion 64km / 50min
30.10.2020 - 10:00 Stage 4 Classic Distance – Cebelireis 40km / 1h10min
31.10.2020 - 09:00 Stage 5 Sprint – Tophane 2km / 10min


Map Date - Coordinates Details


36.639597, 31.820218
Slightly steep and technical on details. Partially light green and tricky stony areas. Spikes are suggested.

Those using Location are recommended to follow the signs as they approach the property. Vehicles are left at the entrance. The center of the facility is reached by walking 500m. Athletes going to the start must walk 1300 meters from the facility to the exit station.


36.640694, 32.056944
This terrain is best for long distance competition with route choices and its shape on plateau. It has steep and challenging parts. Spikes are suggested.


36.639597, 31.820218
Slightly steep and technical on details. Partially light green and tricky stony areas. Spikes are suggested.

Those using Location are recommended to follow the signs as they approach the property. Vehicles are left at the entrance of the facility. The center of the facility is reached by walking 500m. Athletes going to the start must walk 800 meters from the facility to the start station.


36.541951, 32.002126
You can feel the Alanya daily life here. The streets are runnable except for bazars street. There will be picky route choices. Be careful about the light traffic in the street. Finish at Alanya harbor. Spikes are not suggested.


36.502861, 32.185167
Slightly steep and technical with its counter details. Be careful about the small hills and other landforms. Spikes are suggested.

After going to the coordinate, turn left towards LAERTES ancient city, the road continues as earth, stabilized. Buses cannot proceed on this road. For buses, LAERTES can be used as a road junction parking lot. If the athletes coming by bus request a ring service to the meeting point, Ring service will be provided from the assembly area to the start. A gathering area was created 2 km after the LAERTES intersection. There is another 2 km from the assembly area to the start point. Those who wish can warm up to 2km until the start point.


36.540178, 31.998882
Amazing historical narrow streets with critical route choices at the skirts of Alanya castle. You need to be careful about tricky passages. It will take you to the top of pleasure at the end of the festival. Spikes are not suggested.
Optional Training Map
25.10.2020 | 12:00 - 19:00
Start of Training Course: Location 36.543332, 31.988299
You can get your map for 5€ from the Registration Desk. (There will be flag on the course.)



Class Year of Birth Class Year of Birth
W/M 10 2010 and later W/M 45 1975 and before
W/M 12 2008 and later W/M 50 1970 and before
W/M 14 2006 and later W/M 55 1965 and before
W/M 16A-B 2004 - 2009 W/M 60 1960 and before
W/M 18A-B 2002 - 2007 W/M 65 1955 and before
W/M 20A-B 2000 - 2005 W/M 70 1950 and before
W/M 21A 2003 and before W/M 75 1945 and before
W/M 21E 2003 and before W/M 80+ 1940 and before
W/M 35 1985 and before WBS/MBS -
W/M 40 1980 and before WBL/MBL -

* The organizer reserves the right to combine classes according to IOF rules if there are fewer participants than 5 in a class

* M10, W10, MBS, WBS categories on Stage 1,3,4, due to the difficult terrain, the routes to the controls are marked with stripes. Athletes of this category are recommended to follow the stripes.

* Day 2, You can run by taking this situation into consideration, as there is still a regional forestry work in Gedevet land. For competition day, forest cutting will be stopped.


Service Normal
until 31.07.2020
until 15.10.2020
until 22.10.2020
Entry Fee Per Stage €25 €30 €35
All Stages €125 €150 €175
W/M10, W/M12, W/M14* 25% discount
Transportation** (Per Stage) €12,5 €15 €15
SI Rental*** (Per Stage) €3 €5 €5
Changes Free of Charge €5

* Discount includes entry fees only.

** Transportation is round trip from/to Sunprime Alanya Beach Hotel to the arenas.

*** Compensation for lost Rental SI Card is €50.

Entries will be closed on 2020 October 22th. After the last-minute entry dates, it may be possible to register daily at the event sites, but these entries will be subjected to map and start time availability. Therefore, late entries may not be guaranteed participation in their requested classes.

Payments shall be done online with credit card. For early and normal registrations, the date of online payment with credit card will be considered as registration date. If you do not have the possibility to pay with credit card, please send us an e-mail at and let us know, so that we can give you additional information on exceptional payment methods.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us after the payment is approved.


SPORTident will be used for competition timing.

Some important notes about timing

You need to register your own SI Card number if you have. If you don’t have SI Card, there will be available rental cards at the event center. Rental cards must be returned after the last stage. Unreturned and lost SI Cards will be compensated €50. Overall results will be published after five (5) stages. Night-O will not be taken in to account for overall results. No prize-giving ceremony will be organized for Night-O Stage.

Prize-giving ceremony will be held after Stage 5 and first three participants will be awarded with medals and sponsor gifts.


Please check accommodation link to see the options and book your accommodation by signing up our website.


There will be organized transportation from event center to arenas.

Fees for transportation are declared at Registration, Entry Fee & Payments.


In case of any official restrictions for international travel or getting infected by Covid-19, cancellations made +10 days before to the event date will receive a full refund. In case of cancellations within 9 days prior to the event starting date, the payment will be transferred next year as credit without refund choice.


Bip distribution
Distribution will be made in order according to the distance-mask rules and the distribution area will be organized according to the arrival conditions of the athletes.
* Please bring your passport to the event center when you come to pick your start bibs. Due to the Covid-19 procedures, we are not able to give start bibs to the participants without passports.

Fever Measurement Area
Fever measurements will be made in all areas and the participants will be admitted to the area.

Start corridor during the competition
The start corridor will be wide that can provide enough space for social distancing.
Starts will be given with social distancing intervals.

Post-competition finish corridor
The athletes who finish will be arranged so that they will not be in contact with the computer referees.
All referees will have masks. There will be disinfectant points at the competition area.

Ambulance at the event area
Ambulance will be ready everyday at the competition area.

It is mandatory to wear a mask up to the -1 min corridor in the assembly areas and all areas before the competition. Before the start, all masks will be thrown into the garbage can in the -1-minute corridor. The athletes who finish the competition will come to the computer table to get results by obeying the distance rules after wearing a mask.

You can apply to EVENT CENTER for the COVID-19 Test. An appointment will be made for you at Başkent University Hospital. PRC Test is € 30. There is no different price application anywhere.


Hasan`s Happy Wave Waters Sports offered free use of the Aquapark to all participants during the competition on any day they wish. Please do not forget to take your ticket from the Registration Desk. Location

Dim Cave offered free tickets to all athletes and administrators. Please do not forget to get your entrance ticket from the registration desk. Location

Sunset Yoga Let`s meet at Sunpark (Event Center) hotel at 20.00 with Full Moon on October 29, 2020. Please bring your mats. Do not forget to taste our Traditional Alanya Drinks, which will be offered free of charge after yoga.


Sunprime Alanya Beach Hotel

Address: Saray, Atatürk Blv. 900.sok D:no:5, 07400 Alanya/Antalya - Location


Abdulkadir Köseoğlu, +90(553)4313043

Working Hours

Date Hours
24.10.2020 14:00 – 20:00
25.10.2020 10:00 – 12:30, 14:00 – 21:30
26-27-28-29-30.10.2020 17:30 – 19:30